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Mastering The Art Of Hashtags

October 31st, 2014


Hashtags are everywhere nowadays. Be it on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or Google +, this new trend has managed to catch the eyes browsing through almost every social networking site. However, regardless of its popularity, a question that still tends to linger in minds is whether hashtags really play a significant role or not? Are they essential elements, and if yes, then when and where? Read the rest of this entry »

5 eMail Marketing Tips To Increase Conversion

October 16th, 2014

email marketing

In today’s time, one of the most powerful and essential campaigning strategies utilized by marketers and entrepreneurs are effective email marketing campaigns. They not only require less time, cost and effort, but also can provide increased engagement and measurable results, along with increased sales conversion, traffic and up-selling and cross-selling of products and services.

However, simply using emails as a channel for marketing isn’t enough. It needs to be effective as well. And this is when the issue of email conversion rates comes into the equation that helps to measure the percentage of delivered emails which lead to sales, signups or specific responses that you are seeking. Read the rest of this entry »

4 Things to Consider To Boost Holiday Sales

September 4th, 2014


Holiday SalesWith the holiday season coming up, people are going to get very busy with their holiday shopping, and with the rise of online sales year after year, this is the time for you to vamp up your marketing strategy and capture a larger piece of the pie and boost holiday sales. Read the rest of this entry »

5 Ways to Sell Your Products on Social Media

August 7th, 2014

Sell Your Products on Social Media

With the onset of social media came a new avenue for marketers to make their products visible to their potential customers. Using clever filtering it is easy to make sure that products appear to those who would be interested instead of wasting bandwidth on those who would just scroll by. However simply putting ads in social media will not ensure your product becomes a hit – you have to know where and how to advertise. Read the rest of this entry »

Memorial Day Sale

May 23rd, 2014

Memorial day sale

This weekend is Memorial Day and with it comes BBQs, pool side drinks, and of course the Memorial Day Sale promotions. This weekend is destined to be filled with fun times, good friends, and great sales. No doubt your favorite brands have already started advertising their special sales for the holiday and if you are in business you should join the party. Selling your products online using Wazala allows you to create your own Memorial Day Sale promotion and take advantage of the holiday weekend.

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Always Be Promoting – Ecommerce Email Marketing

November 9th, 2012

Despite all the buzz about Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media platforms, one marketing stands the test of time as a proven winner.
Ecommerce Email Marketing simply works. Email marketing is NOT dead… and never will be.

Email marketing works because you are in control. You control the message, who receives your message, and the timing of your message. It’s an inexpensive marketing approach to build relationships and trust with your prospective buyers and customers when done right.
Let’s look at how to use email marketing to help you ring up Holiday sales. Read the rest of this entry »