Always Be Promoting – Ecommerce Email Marketing

Despite all the buzz about Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media platforms, one marketing stands the test of time as a proven winner.
Ecommerce Email Marketing simply works. Email marketing is NOT dead… and never will be.

Email marketing works because you are in control. You control the message, who receives your message, and the timing of your message. It’s an inexpensive marketing approach to build relationships and trust with your prospective buyers and customers when done right.
Let’s look at how to use email marketing to help you ring up Holiday sales.

1. Use an Email Program- There are several inexpensive, yet very efficient and effective email delivery software programs. A few of the leading email software programs are:

Mailchimp- FREE Sign-Up and easy to use.
Constant Contact- Offers a FREE Trial
aWeber- $1 for a 30-Day Trial

2. Clean Up Your List-  Review your past customer lists. Who bought early in the Holiday Season? Who were the Big Spenders? Who were last minute shoppers?  Who is on your newsletter list but didn’t buy?Segment your list for special offers based upon previous buying habits.

3. Determine Your Message Strategy- Will you use a discount coupon with a percentage discount to drive store visits and sales? What special offers and discounts will you make to encourage purchases? Can you offer a free gift or surprise of high value that creates curiosity and also adds value?

4. Clues From The Past- Many times what worked in your eCommerce Email Marketing efforts last year will work again this year. Check last year’s sales records and inventory to pinpoint your hot sellers and find those items that didn’t move. Adjust your promotions and stock to make sure you’re positioned for great results this Holiday season.

5. Showcase Your Best- Highlight your best products in your ecommerce email marketing. Use attractive photos to draw attention and create excitement around those items you know are proven best sellers and people will want to buy again this Season.

6. Timing Is Everything-  Take a look at the Holiday Schedule and get organized with your promotions. Make sure you have emails scheduled to hit the key days of the Holiday Season- Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Hanukkah, the deadline to get guaranteed delivery before Christmas are always key Holiday Season dates. Determine what promotions you will use to take advantage of these important shopping dates.

7. Design Matters- The email software programs have easy to use templates to customize the “look and feel” of your email messages. Blend in your brand image to coordinate with your website and also add the spirit of the Holidays in your email designs.

8. What’s the Frequency? Lots of businesses get hung up on how often to send Ecommerce Email Marketing messages. Don’t be afraid to email early, email often, and even email after the Holidays.

9. Keep Building Your Email List- Incorporate an offer to sign-up for your email list “above the fold” on all pages of your website. Add a reminder to sign-up after product descriptions or any blog posts.

10. Ask for Help- Ask your current subscribers and customers to tell their friends and family about your website and your Holiday offers. Make it easy for them to share and forward your email message.

11. Test and Tweak- Make sure to test your email subject lines. Test your offers and promotions. Test your email subscription sign-up form and process. Many times, a series of small changes to improve response rates can lead to huge final sales results.

Follow these 11 tips to power up your Ecommerce Email Marketing this Holiday Season. You’ll discover that email does indeed work and it puts you in control.