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Mastering The Art Of Hashtags

October 31st, 2014


Hashtags are everywhere nowadays. Be it on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or Google +, this new trend has managed to catch the eyes browsing through almost every social networking site. However, regardless of its popularity, a question that still tends to linger in minds is whether hashtags really play a significant role or not? Are they essential elements, and if yes, then when and where? Read the rest of this entry »

3 PR Tips That Generate Buzz About Your Online Store

October 24th, 2014

online store

It’s all about creating buzz nowadays. Regardless of the size or type of online store you have, creating a buzz around it is something you cannot avoid. If you want to even survive in this intensely competitive market space where it is pretty easy to get lost amid the innumerable ecommerce businesses, a buzz every one and then is a must Read the rest of this entry »

5 eMail Marketing Tips To Increase Conversion

October 16th, 2014

email marketing

In today’s time, one of the most powerful and essential campaigning strategies utilized by marketers and entrepreneurs are effective email marketing campaigns. They not only require less time, cost and effort, but also can provide increased engagement and measurable results, along with increased sales conversion, traffic and up-selling and cross-selling of products and services.

However, simply using emails as a channel for marketing isn’t enough. It needs to be effective as well. And this is when the issue of email conversion rates comes into the equation that helps to measure the percentage of delivered emails which lead to sales, signups or specific responses that you are seeking. Read the rest of this entry »

Wazala’s Holiday eCommerce Tips

October 8th, 2014

Santa is ready for the frenzy are you?

 Ecommerce Holiday Sales

The Holiday Season is coming up in a few weeks! And let’s be honest here, the rush of business you’re hoping for will not simply appear. There is much to be done and the next few weeks will leave you working hard as elves! Let’s go through some holiday ecommerce tips you can tackle now. Read the rest of this entry »

How to Launch New Products on an Ecommerce Site

September 30th, 2014


launch new products

Simply publishing a new product to your online store, won’t just magically make them sell. If only it was that simple, but we hope the below few tips can help you with launching new products and gaining enough buz and traffic and generate sales. Read the rest of this entry »

3 Steps to Take After You Launch a New Ecommerce Business

September 23rd, 2014


new ecommerce business

After a lot of hard work and dedication, you have finally jumped through the hoops and crossed the hurdles to now successfully have launched a new ecommerce business. Take a moment to give yourself a pat on the back. Now that you have the site up and running and are anxiously waiting for people to bring their business to you, you think to yourself what you could do to speed up the process and get people in faster, and keep people coming back to your site over and over again. Well we’ve got some tips to help you get started. Read the rest of this entry »