3 Steps to Take After You Launch a New Ecommerce Business


new ecommerce business

After a lot of hard work and dedication, you have finally jumped through the hoops and crossed the hurdles to now successfully have launched a new ecommerce business. Take a moment to give yourself a pat on the back. Now that you have the site up and running and are anxiously waiting for people to bring their business to you, you think to yourself what you could do to speed up the process and get people in faster, and keep people coming back to your site over and over again. Well we’ve got some tips to help you get started.

  1. Set your business up in social medias

Almost all of your potential customers have a profile in at least one social media in which they are regular in. One of the best ways to draw in new customers is to make sure you are an avid marketer there as well. Build a presence then get followers to come visit your page. If you manage to give them the proper service they deserve and satisfy their needs, you can be sure they will talk about you and refer you to their friends and family, thus increasing your following. There is the potential for exponential growth, something you just can’t afford to not be a part of.

The easiest way to set things off is to go to your own profile and ask all your friends and family to follow your business and invite any friends they think might find it attractive. This is how you get your first 50-100 followers. You must make sure you are a regular in your page and update it with relevant information regularly. Such as, each time you add a new item to your inventory, or when specific items have a sale or promotion going on. Incentivize people to bring in more followers by providing discounts or other benefits.

  1. Create relevant content

Content marketing is one of the best ways you can boost your new ecommerce site and coupled with your social media presence, it helps divert a lot of traffic to your website based on the quality of what you are sharing. The best thing about it is the benefits you receive from putting out top quality content is huge compared to the amount of time or money you spend behind it. When you compare it to a couple thousand dollar advertising campaign, this will feel like a free meal from the heavens.

To start creating content for your website, you must first have a schedule that you rigorously adhere to. For example, you could create a blog where you update new articles at least once a week, you could have a schedule that allows you to share a podcast containing a new episode twice a month and have a YouTube channel for your page  where you do a for example a demonstration video in the alternate weeks to your podcasts.

  1. Network and make powerful friends

If your ecommerce website operates in a particular niche of the market, think about a few popular celebrities or a few influential people in this particular niche. Think about the impact your followers will have if they ever see them talking about your website specifically. It would be the equivalent of a pop star dedicating a song for a particular teenager – instant popularity. It might seem like a long shot but it is completely possible to network, become acquainted with such people and build a proper mutually beneficial relationship.

If you are wondering how you can build such a friendship, it’s very simple. Usually they are very approachable and don’t mind the occasional email which can lead to a back and forth conversation. However, something to remember is never to ask for a favor on your first few emails. This is a huge red flag and will usually lead to your email being ignored. Get to know them first, show them you are an avid follower and they won’t mind throwing you a shout out.

These are only a few techniques that can increase traffic to your new ecommerce business. They usually work for most people, but others have had success using their own techniques and methods. Do you know any other things you can do to benefit your business start up? Share them with everyone else through the comments section below.

Image by: Dennis Wong