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Sell Online With Stripe

February 6th, 2014

Sell Online With Stripe

Shopping online is nothing new and, if Amazon has anything to say about it, will be the primary source of purchasing goods in the near future. With unmatched selection,  super deals, and convenience all coming into play, online shopping brings almost anything into the living rooms of customers all around the globe. This sounds way too good to be true and right now it is. Read the rest of this entry »

Farewell Google Checkout

October 31st, 2013

Farewell Google Checkout

Google Checkout has decided to close its doors and shut down its Checkout process. Their retirement will affect merchants using Wazala and Google Checkout and on November 20th, 2013 all orders via Google Checkout will stop. Read the rest of this entry »

Choosing A Payment Gateway For Your Online Store

August 25th, 2011

Wazala offer simple integrations to allow you to accept payments through PayPal, Google Checkout and as well as a pay later options you can use for offline payments. But how do you know which ones to offer your customers as payment options. What’s best for you may not be what’s best for others. To help you decide we thought we’d share some features of each. Read the rest of this entry »

COD & Wire Transfers

May 16th, 2011

“Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.”
– Warren Buffett

Wazala facilitates the course of selling goods and services online. No matter what you call it, shopping cart, ecommerce solution, or online store, the idea is simple. Get paid in return for something. Be it through a credit card transaction, a PayPal account transfer, a bank paper trail or good old fashioned hand over of currency at delivery, you are getting paid. Yup COD and Wire Transfers was rolled out this weekend as Wazala’s latest feature.

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Wazala And PayPal Integration

December 11th, 2010

In this new wave of technology, you can’t do it all yourself, you have to form alliances.
— Carlos Slim Helú

We are so happy and proud to announce that Wazala is a PayPal preferred shopping cart solution. PayPal is one of the largest and trusted payment gateway online, and Wazala’s  affiliation and integration with PayPal is a trusted one. We hope this news gives you the peace of mind when dealing with Wazala. Read the rest of this entry »