Choosing A Payment Gateway For Your Online Store

Wazala offer simple integrations to allow you to accept payments through PayPal, Google Checkout and as well as a pay later options you can use for offline payments. But how do you know which ones to offer your customers as payment options. What’s best for you may not be what’s best for others. To help you decide we thought we’d share some features of each.

Merchant Accounts
PayPal Website Payments Pro and are great solutions to offer. It allows you to accept credit cards right within Wazala, and never direct your customers elsewhere to make a purchase. The entire process is done within your own site.

PayPal does charge a monthly fee for this, but the transaction rates they charge are less. It is available for those with a PayPal Merchant account and works for currencies of USD, AUD, GBP, CAD, EUR, JPY. is a premier payment gateway that you can connect your bank account to. They charge a monthly fee for this, but the transaction rates they charge are less than others. It is offered in the USA and Canada only, but works for all currencies listed in Wazala except the Turkish Lira.

Google Checkout
Google offers the ability to pay online for all Google account holders. Many out there like the convenience of signing into Google and not creating a new account with a payment gateway to make a purchase, and this may help your sales. Available only in the USA and Great Britain and works for currencies of USD and GBP. Easy to set up, no monthly fees, and a reasonable per transaction fee.

PayPal Express Checkout & PayPal Website Payments Standard
Available for those with a Premier or Personal PayPal account, they are the most commonly used solution within PayPal as they are free accounts with no monthly fees, but do charge a per transaction fee based on your account and monthly billings. Usually available in all countries PayPal offers, and in all currencies listed in Wazala (except Turkish Lira does not work in PayPal Express).
In both cases the customer is directed to PayPal to pay, the difference is a few less steps to take in PayPal Express Checkout to complete the process, and they state a more secure transaction than PayPal Standard with Express Checkout.

Pay Later Option
Wazala also offers a pay later option, that allows you to accept, Wire Transfers, Cash on Delivery and any other off line payment option you wish to offer to your customers. You can offer this along with specific instructions on how to proceed to payment offline. For more about this option take a look at our FAQ found here.

When deciding, it is always helpful to read through their policies. You may find that some of these payment gateway are more likely to protect you against disputes or refunds depending on the types of products you sell, while others may offer added solutions to better your bookkeeping. No matter what you choose, you’re sure that with Wazala your payments are secure, just remember, offering options to your customers is a plus, as many out there abandon shopping carts when it’s time to pay if they do not see a trusted name they are comfortable with.

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