COD & Wire Transfers

“Price is what you pay. Value is what you get.”
– Warren Buffett

Wazala facilitates the course of selling goods and services online. No matter what you call it, shopping cart, ecommerce solution, or online store, the idea is simple. Get paid in return for something. Be it through a credit card transaction, a PayPal account transfer, a bank paper trail or good old fashioned hand over of currency at delivery, you are getting paid. Yup COD and Wire Transfers was rolled out this weekend as Wazala’s latest feature.

It seems more people are still skeptical about online payments and the use of credit cards. This feature grew in popularity in our forums, and many of our store owners were asking us to include it. So we did.
Store owners can now offer the ability to pay later. Name the checkout label as you wish and give out the instructions appropriate to your own business and voila the transaction is complete and you have a buyer willing to pay you in exchange of your offerings.
The options is found in your Options tab under Payment Options, and setting it up is simple. Wazala even delays the download email for digital products until the store owner instructs to send it. Simple, safe and secure Wazala!