5 eMail Marketing Tips To Increase Conversion

email marketing

In today’s time, one of the most powerful and essential campaigning strategies utilized by marketers and entrepreneurs are effective email marketing campaigns. They not only require less time, cost and effort, but also can provide increased engagement and measurable results, along with increased sales conversion, traffic and up-selling and cross-selling of products and services.

However, simply using emails as a channel for marketing isn’t enough. It needs to be effective as well. And this is when the issue of email conversion rates comes into the equation that helps to measure the percentage of delivered emails which lead to sales, signups or specific responses that you are seeking.

Since successful email marketing campaigns actually revolve around conversion rates, Wazala has come up with 5 different marketing tips that can help you in increasing the conversion and thus, maximize your bottom line with the help of increased email responses.

  1. Human touch

In the tech-savvy world we live today, who wouldn’t want to use completely automated systems to carry out the entire email marketing campaign? However, doing so can actually reduce your conversion rates, instead of making your life simpler. Of course they tend to be more efficient with decline in human errors, but people tend to prefer human touch even in emails instead of machines, automated mailboxes or robots that tend to be generic and standardized. In fact research says that an actual human sending the emails increases their optimization up to 20%! Now how cool is that? Just use your authentic human voice while writing those emails to your customers. Ask yourself why not keep those screws aside and take the help of humans to make the email marketing more personal and informal which automatically boosts the conversion rate.

  1. Information

Don’t want your emails to be disregarded as spam? Then make them relevant. People will always avoid irrelevant writings, and it’s your responsibility to make your emails as pertinent to their needs, interests and preferences as possible. Base your messages on the personalities, purchasing phases or any other criteria that can be labeled as being relevant. People seek education and information. When you do that by providing amazing content, they tend to respond better. So go out there and make sure you educate the ones who you are targeting in your email marketing campaigns and see how well that augments your conversion rates.

  1. Personalization

If you don’t want your customers to feel just like another person who you want to squeeze out profit from, then make sure to include personalization in your emails. This correlates to the point of using tailored messages instead of automated, standardized ones for everyone. Everyone likes to feel special, and when you can make them feel important, they become interested to respond as well. Thus teach yourself to produce dynamic and interactive content that can make your customers feel important and valued by your company. Simple things such as including the customers’ names in the introduction or customizing the newsletter or offer for them can work wonders. You can do almost anything when generating a personal experience for your customers via your emails – your imagination is your only limit here.

  1. Segmentation

Segmentation is important in all aspects of marketing, even email marketing. When you want your individual customers to receive precisely what they need and want, segmenting them on the basis of demographics, lifestyles or other criteria and customizing the email messages according to them is the way to go. You can hence design and implement targeted email campaigns that send out emails particularly designed keeping in mind the interests and preferences of each customer, making the possibility of the conversion rates to go higher. If you don’t have enough extensive data to work with, don’t panic as you can even segment using simple data like customers versus prospects or customers living in different countries. Of course, more the amount of details you have, more customization you can do, and hence, more will be the conversion rates as well.

  1. Short

If you want to entangle your target customers in the web of your extraordinary knowledge of unique words, then email marketing isn’t the right medium for you. This is because email marketing requires you to keep it short and simple, not long and complex. The longer you make the emails, the higher goes the probability that they will not be read or responded to. You should decide on a length for your emails keeping in mind the fact that average human beings tend to have an attention span of less than 8 seconds. So keep your focus on your purpose of writing the email in the first place and just go straight to the point in your emails without beating around the bush. Keep them as concise as possible so that your customers can comprehend what you are actually trying to say without getting confused in lines after lines of hollow words. Using call to actions (CTA) can also facilitate your customers to know what is being asked from them in the emails.

Use these 5 email marketing tips and let us know how your campaign worked out by commenting below.