5 Ways to Sell Your Products on Social Media

Sell Your Products on Social Media

With the onset of social media came a new avenue for marketers to make their products visible to their potential customers. Using clever filtering it is easy to make sure that products appear to those who would be interested instead of wasting bandwidth on those who would just scroll by. However simply putting ads in social media will not ensure your product becomes a hit – you have to know where and how to advertise. Before Wazala reveals the cool tips to making your products all the rage, it is important to know which social media is appropriate for you:

Facebook is like the jack of all trades when it comes to product marketing. It has innovative tracking tools that let you know how well you are performing and also has ways to make your marketing better. Coupled with the many customization features and add-ons make this the place to start.

This is the best place to be if your product is visually focused as the primary aspect of this social media is sharing pictures and such. Places such as a clothing store or even a restaurant can make use of this by uploading attractive pictures of their latest products.

Another visually focused social network. The community is sharing images that appeal to them and the great thing about Pinterest is that it can differentiate images from products and lists these with a price and a direct link to your site to buy it.

Twitter is best utilized if you can spend the time behind managing the account through constant tweets and keeping up with your followers, which can sometimes be difficult as it is not always easy to come up with new content to tweet.

This social media is primarily focused for professionals or more specifically business oriented people and is great for products and services that cater to this market.

How would you sell products on social media sites and utilize them correctly?

Use It As A Customer Service Channel
The most important aspect of any business is the customers. They are the driving force behind the survival of your product and therefore must be treated as such. Always ensure that any query is given the correct feedback as soon as possible; whether it is positive or negative. Instead of going for a formal approach, it is better to speak on a more casual note when operating in social media – such as if you were selling your product to your friends and family.

Use Concise and Immediate Calls to Action
Now that you have a proper presence on these social sites, you can start creating content for it. But you don’t want to make stuff that people will just ignore; you need to use proper calls to action so that people are compelled to interact with the content you have put out. Give out regular offers and deals with lines that get viewers to take a form of action such as “click on this link” or “enter here to win the prize”.

Ask Your Followers to Bring in More
You can also incentivize your followers to bring in more through referral offers, such as through contests judged by sharing a specific piece of news or picture. Also, if you can build the proper brand loyalty, people will share your word either way. A way to do that is to offer exclusive deals to people who follow the page.

Make Followers Feel Special through Special Deals
It is an innate human nature to feel special, to feel that they are being treated better here than anywhere else. Providing such a feeling will make people more loyal and a lot more involved with you, both of which are ultimately very good for business. An easy trick to pull this off is to provide special offers to customers who use a particular social media to access the offer, with different offers across different media if you use more than one.

Regularly Update Social Media Pages
If you have heard the phrase “out of sight, out of mind” then you know how important it is to continuously update your pages with news to stay on top of your customer’s minds. An important aspect of every social media is that they usually change the layout, design and other aspects of their website which should be noticed and used to its fullest. If you find that you have no news to post, you can always post inside gossips of your work team and even their pictures in funny scenarios which is sure to make customers feel very close and casual.

Running a physical store in the world and an e-store online are two very different things but one thing always remains the same – people must come up and purchase your products, otherwise there is no use for your efforts. These are just 5 small tips on how to be more noticeable online but there are a lot of different things that you can try. Just remember, a little creativity goes a long way.

Image by: Harco Rutgers