Memorial Day Sale

Memorial day sale

This weekend is Memorial Day and with it comes BBQs, pool side drinks, and of course the Memorial Day Sale promotions. This weekend is destined to be filled with fun times, good friends, and great sales. No doubt your favorite brands have already started advertising their special sales for the holiday and if you are in business you should join the party. Selling your products online using Wazala allows you to create your own Memorial Day Sale promotion and take advantage of the holiday weekend.

Simply having your products for sale is not enough to reach success. Your favorite brands that have millions of dollars to spend on promotion think its beneficial to have Memorial Day Sales so why shouldn’t you?

Creating an online promotion is easier than ever with social media outlets, email marketing campaigns, and social share functionality that is built into the Wazala store front. Encourage customers who buy products from you store to share their purchases on social media for a discount, free shipping, or coupon code. This will increase your reach and reward loyal customers for their efforts. You could also create a customer coupon code within the Wazala software that is specific for the Memorial Day Weekend. Email and share the code to all of your social media followers and track how the promotion brings more traffic and sales to your business.

We as a population have been conditioned over the years to look for great deals on holidays so take advantage of the culture and start selling today. From all of us at Wazala have a safe, happy, and profitable holiday weekend.