Why Your Business Needs an eCommerce Blog & How How to Get Started

July 6th, 2014

ecommerce blog

A question has been circling inside your mind for quite some time – does your e-commerce business really need a blog? Ask your self this, are you wondering if you really need it because you’re too overwhelmed to start it? Most probably the answer is yes! In simple words, if you want a strong competitive presence in social media and lifting your SEO, creating a blog for your business is the way to go.

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10 Ways To Get Traffic To Your New Online Store

June 25th, 2014

New Online Store

You’ve launched a new online store. What’s the first goal you want to achieve? Boosting up traffic to your store, right? But how do you get more people to visit your online store? Read the rest of this entry »

Search That Works

June 10th, 2014

Search that works


Having an e-commerce solution for your business is the way of the future, but is your online search guiding your customers to make purchases or to your competitors? When customers are shopping on your online store they may or may not have an idea of what they want. It’s your job to optimize your website to guide customers to the sale and to suggest products to those who are “just looking.” Your successful execution of both of these things will increase sales and customer retention. Correctly labeling your products with descriptions and keywords will increase your search accuracy and item suggestions.

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Online Store Showcase: Thunderbolt Fireworks

June 9th, 2014

Online Store Showcase: Thunderbolt Fireworks


This week’s online store showcase is explosive! Meet Wazala store merchant Thunderbolt Fireworks. As soon as I came across this store my mind took me back to warm summer nights in New Hampshire with my Dad setting off bottle rockets, roman candles, fire crackers, and smoke bombs. Such great memories celebrating the 4th of July with fireworks and barbecues. Follow the jump to learn more about Thunderbolt Fireworks and how they can help make this Independence Day pop.

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Are You Failing To Show Up?

June 5th, 2014

Are you failing to show up?


Are you failing to show up for your own success? A simple trick to winning is to apply yourself completely to the task at hand. When it comes to running a business in 2014 showing up at the right place and at the right time will make a huge difference. Most of us are still stuck in our ways and not fully embracing the task ahead of us. I’m talking about utilizing the internet to your advantage. Having a great product with an online store like Wazala is a great start, but that won’t be enough. Follow the jump to learn how to show up and why it’s so important.

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Sail To Small Business Success

June 4th, 2014

We want small business success but life sometimes has a way of sinking our plans and raining on our parade. There is no way to avoid the throws of life however if you can keep a calm head and plan for the inevitable curve ball you can still have the success you want. Businesses can be like a ship sailing on the ocean of the market and its your job as the captain to guide the ship along its course. Sometimes you may need to change directions or modify the ship entirely to handle the rough waters. Your business plan and strategy must be flexible enough to handle the rapid and sometimes violent changes in the market. As the captain you can create a business plan to move with the changes around you and fortify your ship against the unknown seas ahead. Below is a great guide to help your small business handle the challenges that lay ahead. Check it out after the jump.

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