Website Woes: Infographic

April 18th, 2014

Website Woes: Infographic

How to structure your website to meet customer expectations

If you run your own small business you know the workload is seemingly infinite and good help is hard to find. Business owners usually take on the bulk of the work themselves and wear several hats to keep the doors open. Often times this will spread thin the amount of focus that is needed in specialized areas, especially the website. A great website is a necessary evil in today’s world and the small business owner may not possess the skills to execute this task correctly. Consumers want a design focused, mobile and SEO optimized, socially linked, and secured online experience – and that is the bare minimum! The below infographic by Mycase shows the basics of what consumers expect in a website and will hopeful help focus your online presence. And as always from the Wazala team happy selling.

website woes: infographic

Keeping Customers Loyal

April 16th, 2014

keeping customers loyal

Keeping Customers Loyal

By: Lisa Campbell

A healthy customer relationship is an indication of strong business. If you want your business to flourish, don’t aim for having satisfied customers; aim to have loyal customers instead. They will keep your business going at a continuous profit and they will even market your products or services to other people. But how do you really keep customers from availing your products and services?

1.     Nurture your employees

Train your staff effectively. Make sure they are giving good customer service by providing them training that will help them gain the right knowledge and skills to handle customers. It is never enough to just teach them how to make profit and work for you. Also, it can be helpful to let them know that they are valued by giving them the benefits and incentives they deserve especially if they are working hard for your business.

2.     Create a loyalty program

Be it a discount for bulk orders or freebies for continued patronage, a loyalty program will keep people buying you products. Give them a reason to enjoy the experience of buying something from you. Don’t just sell them products; sell them good experience in buying your products.

3.     Send regular newsletters

Inform your customers of the recent developments, promotions and events. More than just continued advertisement, it will make them feel valued. During holidays, send them greetings be it through email, snail mail or a package with a trinket.

4.     Remember special occasions

Don’t just send an email blast to all your customers during holidays. It is more sincere to send them greetings or gifts on their birthday or even after a successful transaction when they order in bulk. Build a personal level of relationship beyond the goal of profitability.

5.     Keep your promise

When you promise an incentive or a special discount, keep it. Make sure you say words that you can accomplish and not just words that will impress them today but upset them tomorrow. This is part of the integrity that your business needs to keep customers loyal to you.

6.     Focus on integrity

Aside from keeping your promise, a good if not the best quality is your primary key towards customer satisfaction, leading to loyalty. Make sure they get what they deserve for every penny they pay you and if possible, exceed their expectations.

7.     Exceed expectations

This does not only mean giving them more than what they seem to pay for. It means pampering them while they are inside your shop. It means giving them free dinner in every client meeting. It means a free drink while they wait for the next agent who will attend to them.

8.     Get feedback

Know what the customers like or don’t like about your products or services. Be open for any comments as these lead to the growth of your business. When they think something needs to be improved, acknowledge it and make sure you do something to show them that their suggestions are heard.

9.     Prioritize customer retention

It is easier to retain a good customer than to look for new ones. Have a retention arm for existing and even old customers who moved to another brand. Continue communicating with them to let them know how serious your business is just to keep them or to have them back. Do not take any of them for granted especially when they already made several transactions with you before. And when your business does them wrong, make it right as promptly as you can.

10.  Be in charge

If you are the owner or the manager, be the face of your business. This does not mean doing small stuff yourself. If there is an issue, be it positive or negative; show your customers that you are a hands-on merchant and that you are genuine in making business with them.



Post contributed by: Lisa Campbell, a writer for Become, Inc—a product price comparison site for online shoppers. She’s an ecommerce enthusiast and also loves to write about social media and marketing-related topics.

Shipping Solutions And Online Shopping

April 15th, 2014

shipping solutions and online shopping

Online shopping and shipping go together like peanut butter and jelly. You can’t have online shopping without a shipping solution. The relationship between the two is undeniable and must be a focus if an online business wants to thrive. Its seems the influence of shipping solutions plays a very large part in the online shopping experience and can be the different between a sale or a ghost cart.

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Social Network Engagement: How Do They Really Perform?

April 14th, 2014

Social network engagement: How do they really perform?

We all know that social network engagement is the name of the game for today’s digital marketing strategy. But how do social networks compare to each other? Who is really driving engagement? For the savvy entrepreneur it’s nice to know which social media networks perform the best. In an analysis of over 200,000 websites Shareaholic crunches the real world numbers of the top social networks to give us data on who is performing the best and how they are doing it.

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Does Your Brand Have It?

April 10th, 2014

Does your brand have it?

Does your brand have it or not? How the public perceives your brand is a driving force that will lead to strong sales numbers or the path to bankruptcy. Often times entrepreneurs are caught up in the competition and will only send messages that their product or service is superior to the competition. While that kind of marketing is necessary at times the main focus of your brand should be to cultivate a unique personality that customers can relate too.

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Ghost Cart: Infographic

April 9th, 2014

Ghost Cart: Infographic

By having an online shopping experience like Wazala you are bound to encounter the infamous Ghost CART! The ghost cart is a peculiar spirit that haunts your online store playing tricks on you and leaving you with nothing. The apparition is a shapeshifter that takes the form of an ordinary customer. It will behave just like other customers and fill the shopping cart with all kinds of goods from many different selection of your online store. The ghost cart will even begin the checkout process and then without warning, poof! The cart is empty and the spirit has disappeared. What happened to the full shopping cart of goods? Why would a customer spend all that time and effort cultivating a shopping cart to only disappear completely without making a single purchase? The infographic below sheds light on the ghost cart phenomenon giving some much needed answers. At the end of the day the goal is to get customers to purchase goods from your online store, so focusing on why customers aren’t following through is very important.  This issue is complex and will most likely need several different strategic approaches to tackle. Take some ideas from the infographic and see how they work for your Wazala store. As always let me know how you’re doing. Good day.

Ghost Cart: Infographic