Add an Online Store to Your Blog, Website or Profile

Your Wazala Online Store on your own site

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The Wazala Shopping Cart can easily be added to your sites, even multiple sites! Now your readers can buy your digital or physical products everywhere you are. If you do not see your blogging platform or website builder here do not panic, Wazala can be added almost anywhere. Read the basic idea below for more information, or simply ask us to know how.

The Basic Idea

Wazala shopping cart can easily be added to your site with a simple copy and paste. Most platforms allow you to edit the HTML, and this is where the Wazala code needs to be.
Your Wazala code, is easily retrieved, simply sign into Wazala, go to the Get Widget tab in the Store Manager and select the options for your store, then copy the code. The Wazala code video explains your options, and directs you step by step.
Next you need to paste the code into any web page on your website that you want to have the store appear within. Most platforms require it to be within the head section right before the /head area - This is the optimum Wazala place for basic integration.

That's all you need to do to add the Wazala Store to your page!

Here is an example:

<html ...>
   Paste your Wazala Code here for overlay or anywhere that allows for the 931 pixel width
   for the embed option.

You have options

You get your own Wazala online store page

Add the online store as an overlay on your blog or website

Embed the online store within your blog or website

Add the online store on your Facebook business page