Add A Shopping Cart To Tumblr

Wazala Ecommerce Store on your Tumblr site

Click Play for Installation Instructions

Adding Wazala online store to your Tumblr site, is simple and easy. Tumblr allows you to share, blog and re-blog anything on your own site. It plays beautifully with Wazala.

Step By Step

The following are step by step instructions for adding your Wazala Ecommerce Store to your Tumblr site.

Step 1: Make sure you have a Wazala Account Setup

If you do not have your Wazala account setup yet, you must sign up. The process is easy and only takes a few minutes. You can always come back and proceed with adding your Wazala Ecommerce Store to your Tumblr site.

Step 2: Get your Wazala code ready

Within Wazala, decide on your code options, and copy the code to your clipboard. The Wazala code video explains your options, and directs you step by step.

Step 3: Log into Tumblr

Once logged into Tumblr, click on Customize, on the right.

Step 4: Adding the Wazala code to your site

Once in the page layout, click on Theme and choose custom HTML.

Your page HTML will appear.
Paste the Wazala code right before the /head area for overlay, or anywhere within the page in an area that allows you the 931 pixel width of the store, for embed.

Then click on Update preview.
Then Save + Close.

That's it, you now have the Wazala Online Store on your Tumblr site!