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Online Store Showcase: Thunderbolt Fireworks

June 9th, 2014

Online Store Showcase: Thunderbolt Fireworks


This week’s online store showcase is explosive! Meet Wazala store merchant Thunderbolt Fireworks. As soon as I came across this store my mind took me back to warm summer nights in New Hampshire with my Dad setting off bottle rockets, roman candles, fire crackers, and smoke bombs. Such great memories celebrating the 4th of July with fireworks and barbecues. Follow the jump to learn more about Thunderbolt Fireworks and how they can help make this Independence Day pop.

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Online Store Showcase: Darkstar Entertainment

June 2nd, 2014

Online Store Showcase: Darkstar Entertainment


Are you a fan of old school slasher horror films? If you are, then you are going to love our Online Store Showcase this week, Darkstar Entertainment. Darkstar is a independent film company that is focused on bringing back our favorite campy midnight film genre complete with the carnage, cleavage, and comedy we know and love. Follow the jump to learn more.

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The Case For Organic Community Building

May 30th, 2014

The case for organic community building

Building an organic community is the goal for many companies in today’s digital marketing environment. Getting more likes, shares, and comments is the goal and many have attempted to buy this kind of engagement. Creating content to go viral and adding more followers can become something of an unhealthy obsession that can cloud judgement and lead some to down a slippery slope. When your focus becomes solely fixed on adding likes, followers, comments instead of communicated with a real audience you start to loose the purpose of digital marketing. Your messages are only effective if your online community is made from legitimate human followers. Don’t fall into the ego trap by buying a online community. Instead cultivate a real organic community through hard work and consistent content.

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Selling Your Ecommerce Business: How To Calculate What It’s Worth?

May 28th, 2014

Selling your ecommerce business: how to calculate what it's worth

The explosion of ecommerce has created an emerging ecommerce business for sale market where internet entrepreneurs are now able to sell their ecommerce businesses to hungry buyers looking for cash producing online assets.

Drawing on their vast experience valuing ecommerce businesses, our friends over at Digital Exits have created this Ecommerce Business Valuation guide Infographic. If you are considering buying or selling an ecommerce business this guide should give you a great grasp on what businesses are selling for at the moment and what your ecommerce business could potential be worth.

Guest post by Paul Garcia

The Pillars of Marketing

May 16th, 2014

The pillars of marketing

You own a business and you want to communicate effectively to your target audience with a rock solid marketing effort, but is that effort supported by the pillars of marketing? There are five fundamental pillars that support every successful marketing strategy. Today I am going to walk you through each one so that you can move forward with a solid foundation.

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Brand Advocates And You

May 7th, 2014

Brand advocates and you

Brand advocates are the very best customers a business can have. They are your champions for word-of-mouth marketing which is still the most effective way to share your brand. Brand advocates are the type of customers that will suggest you to all of their friends and peers as the best option for them. They will put their own reputations on the line for your company and defend you against attack. Brand advocates are so aligned with your company that they are internally motivated to help you succeed because it somehow reelects on their taste. The goal for every business owner is to create as many brand advocates as possible sending them loose in the world to fight on your behalf. The above infographic by Bzzagent gives a detailed look into the workings of the brand advocate. Study this thoroughly and try to find ways you can increase your brand advocate numbers. The more soldiers you have fighting for your brand the better chances you have at winning. Good luck from Wazala and happy selling.