Online Store Showcase: Darkstar Entertainment

Online Store Showcase: Darkstar Entertainment


Are you a fan of old school slasher horror films? If you are, then you are going to love our Online Store Showcase this week, Darkstar Entertainment. Darkstar is a independent film company that is focused on bringing back our favorite campy midnight film genre complete with the carnage, cleavage, and comedy we know and love. Follow the jump to learn more.

Darkstar was started by lead writer and producer Michael Hall. Hall is the mastermind behind Darkstar and it’s his vision to bring back the days of staying up late at night with popcorn and your sweetheart to get the thrill of watching a great slasher film.

“Kids Go To The Woods…Kids Get Dead,” is Darkstar’s first film. It follows Casey and her friends as they celebrate her birthday in a cabin in the woods when a crazed killer sets his sights on the group only Casey’s brother can save them with the help of a mysterious novel that seems to tell the future.

“Kids Get Dead 2…Kids Get Deader,” is the sequel that picks up where we left off with Casey trying desperately to find the author of the mysterious novel that foretold of her brother’s gruesome murder at the hands of a masked mad man.

Darkstar’s last offering is a short film is a departure from the slasher genre with “Lost Hero.” This film follows a former super hero as he transitions from active duty to retirement as a new crop of heroes emerge he reminisces with his former nemesis over a few drinks.

You can find all of Darkstar’s films complete with extra goodies on their Wazala store. They have collectible packages, digital downloads, and physical copies of the films for sale so get yours today and get ready to scream.