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Weekly Showcase: Vixen And Company Boutique

April 7th, 2014

Weekly Showcase Vixen & Company Boutique

Today’s weekly showcase is brought to you by my intern who fell in love Wazala merchant Vixen & Company Boutique. Vixen & Company Boutique is a curated high fashion boutique that specializes in unique affordable clothing and accessories for fashion forward women.

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Popcorn Perfected

April 4th, 2014

popcorn perfected

There might not be anything greater than curling up with your sweetie for movie night with a large, buttery bucket of freshly popped popcorn. Whether you are in the theaters or in the comfort of your living room the feeling of crunching into each warm kernel is hard to beat. Wazala merchant owner Rhonda Roberts has sought to fill that movie going experience with Popcorn Gallery. Her deliciously creative popcorn treats take your culinary experience to a whole new level that strives to be popcorn perfected.

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Jellybones: Function Through Creative Design

April 1st, 2014

Function Through Creative Design

Creative design has always pushed the limits of function and fashion. Developing new techniques, using uncommon materials, and discovering new application for old designs are just a few ways creatives continue to progress. Jellybones has captured my curiosity with their line of bags, mats, and coolers that change the way use a common material, neoprene.

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Sweet Tooth?

March 31st, 2014

Sweet Tooth

So you have a sweet tooth? I do. I love candy, cookies, and sodas. So when I found Wazala merchant Candy Kitchen I had to share. Not to say I would share my candy because you can get your own from their store right now.

Candy Kitchen is located at a renowned tourist hotspot The Big Banana at Coffs Harbour Australia. This amazing location hosts rides, a water park, ice skating, a toboggan, and much more.  The Candy Kitchen produces more than 90 kilos per day. While most of the candy is sold at The Big Banana location, Candy Kitchen also provides candy for events, store orders, weddings, and custom orders.

Candy Kitchen Australia was created in 1988 by Master Sugar Confectioner, Nils Nilsson, who began his career as an apprentice in a candy factory in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1949. 18 years on, the Nillson family still run the original Candy Kitchen store in Coffs Harbour and they continue to grow the business that today includes franchise stores throughout Australia with more opening very soon. “The Candy Kitchen is the result of nearly 60 years of working towards perfection!” Nils concludes.

Taste what years of hard work, expertise, and family tradition can create with The Candy Kitchen’s dozens of flavors. Let me know your favorites. Click here to see what they have made for you.

Return Of The Sneakerhead

March 26th, 2014


Since its inception in the late 80’s the sneakerhead subculture has made it to the mainstream. Popularized by Michael Jordan with his ever growing empire of Nike Air Jordans, sneakerheads live to express themselves with rare, stylish, and fresh sneakers. Wazala merchant Proof Culture helps take sneakerheads to the next level of hype with customized sneaker designs.

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Slam Dunk With The Harlem Globetrotters

March 20th, 2014

With almost a century of experience, The Harlem Globetrotters have captivated and inspired generations to work as a team, help one another, and grow as a community. I remember the Globetrotters as a boy red, white, and blue basketballs spinning effortlessly on the fingertips of each player. I thought they were supernatural. As an adult I am still in awe of the Globetrotters because of their overwhelming positive impact on youth and community development and I am proud to have them as a Wazala merchant.

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