10 Tips To Choosing An Ecommerce Name

ecommerce name

Thinking of making money online by selling products or services? Let’s start with the downside – millions of others are thinking of starting an ecommerce business as well. Now the upside – you can get ahead the majority portion of them by just knowing how to play the game. The first step of course is to be able to find an awesome business idea – that, you’ll have to come up with yourself. 

What about the next crucial step of choosing a name for your company? Now that is something that can actually decide to a great extent if you can thrive in the market for long or not. And the good news is that Wazala is here to help you find that one perfect name through these 10 simple tips:


If you want to stand out from the rest of the ecommerce businesses out there, you can’t just hope to succeed by copying one of the popular ecommerce business names. Your business name should be able to stand out too. And the only way to do that is to be unique. Make sure your company name isn’t just a more updated version of one of the most trendy business names already in use.


This is where a number of people make mistakes. They tend to replace uniqueness with length, assuming that longer names tend to be more unique and thus, stand out being more distinctive. Though it occasionally can be true, the reality is that the longer the business names are, the tougher they are for the customers or clients to remember. Every business wants to stick to the people’s minds for a longer period. And cutting the length of the name is a good way to start. It’s quite simple – just find a short, catchy name that’ll be easy to recall.


Just like you need a short business name to tap into people’s mind for longer period, you also need an easy-to-pronounce name for your business to be remembered and referred to others. Make sure the name you choose is not only easy for you to pronounce but also for all the stakeholders – yes, each and every one of them who has a stake in the company’s success and survival. Also, if you plan on selling globally, do make sure the name is pronounced the same way across borders.


The next in line to be considered is the spelling of your business name. Check the number of different ways in which the name can be spelled. It is better to go for names that can be spelled only in one way so that customers and others do not get confused about the spelling while searching for your business. However if you still opt for a name that can have misspellings, then make sure to get your hands on all the domain names with the misspelling for safety.

Domain names

You need such a name for your ecommerce business that you can also extend to use as your domain name without change. Why is this required? Why not simply use different domain names? Because in today’s age, consumers tend to assume that the name of your domain will be exactly the same as your business name.


You cannot just use any business and domain name without checking for availability. When you choose without checking, you can end up with identical or too similar names as other companies and get tangled in legal issues as well. Both of these outcomes might confuse consumers and hamper the image of your business as well. Remember to get yourself all the important domain extension as well including .com, .net, .org and so on.


When it comes to names or domain names for your ecommerce business, another important thing to remember is to try to include search engine optimized keywords in it. This will provide your business with the advantage of being ranked higher in search engines without having to pay for ads.


When it comes to search engine optimization, you should also assess the number of Google results that are generated for your selected business name. If the number is more than 1 million, you should carefully plan for competitive SEO resources from the very beginning with the help of required resources such as time and money.

Social media

It has also become extremely important in today’s social-networking loving world to be able to get your accounts ready for your ecommerce business even before it’s launched. Make sure you have the social media sites available for the same names you’ll be using as your business name. Check out Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and every other popular one.


Lastly, make sure to do a trademark search before making your final decision about your ecommerce business names. You can use Google search along with trademark search tools available online. You can also take help from a trademark firm in order to completely sure that no other business in your category has the same name trademarked.

Got any more tips on naming an ecommerce business? What about your personal decision to go with the name you chose? Share it with us.

Image by: Daniel Lobo