How to Launch New Products on an Ecommerce Site


launch new products

Simply publishing a new product to your online store, won’t just magically make them sell. If only it was that simple, but we hope the below few tips can help you with launching new products and gaining enough buz and traffic and generate sales.

Make your selling proposition unique

A selling proposition is the characteristic of a product that makes people want to buy it. For example, if your new product can help solve a common problem better or more efficiently than other products you would want to highlight this unique proposition in your product description, and make it the focal point.

Other points to consider in your proposition is how the customer would feel using the product. Emotion can be a great tool for attraction especially if your product is not as unique. Describing how the customer would feel when wearing or using the product can be a unique proposition.

Have an attractive product page

You need an attractive landing page for your product. so that all the people coming over to see it should have a reason to stay and check all of it out. When you want people to buy a product, they must first like the product. This means putting up visually pleasing pictures of it that will make people want to purchase it and include a vivid description that has all the details listed.

For example, when you are trying to sell a shirt online, you have the mention the fabric type, the different colors available, different sizes, etc. Or for example when you are selling a piece of technology, a video of how it works and how well it works would make it a lot more tempting for people to purchase it seeing its unique selling proposition in action.

Add appropriate content

Simply showing off your product is not enough. You have to add relevant content frequently to market the product to the masses. For example, you can write articles about the product, use Youtube to upload videos, and if you’re selling something you make yourself show the creative process of creating the product.

When using content marketing it is important to remember one thing – it’s that the focus is not always on selling the product or even about the product itself! For example, if you are selling cooking utensils you can create an online cooking show where the subject is not about the products, but about the food, but the cook can weave the product names and their unique benefits in between the show.

Tap into your resources

Now that you have a product online, it is time to let people know about it. Announcing it via an email marketing campaign, social sites and have it be the main feature on your home page are all ways to spread the word quickly. Other ideas to consider is an advertising campaign, or depending on how mass relevant a press release can help spread the word as well.

Got any more tips to share? We’d love to hear them.

Image by: Steven Depolo