4 Reasons Small Brick and Mortar Retailers Need an Online Store


need an online storeIn the information age the internet is available to almost everyone around the world and it is a very common thing nowadays to shop online. Almost all retail stores have an online counterpart to their brick and mortar shops, following a brick and click approach to their selling. However, there are still a few small shops that are reluctant to join the digital age, but we’ve got four of the best reasons why even small shops need an online store.

  1. People are already shopping online

Because people are already comfortable shopping online, not having an online store puts you behind the competition. People used to go out into the shopping malls, check out a couple of shops and then make the purchase. Nowadays people prefer to look up the products they want online, research availability, price and options offered then make the decision on whether they will buy it online or walk in to the store to pick it up.

  1. Shopping online is just as social

A lot of people are against online shopping as they say that they lose the feel of the society that they can only get when they physically step out into the world and stroll through the shops and isles, while getting the personable experience with the shop assistant. However, online shopping has a completely different yet just as important and a very modern type of social element.

The best example for this case is the social media website called Pinterest where people share what they want to buy or dream of buying through their many different boards. These social sites have also implemented the product concept, where a price and a link to buy is offered. This social interaction may prove to be even more affective as you’re getting the reviews from other buyers and not the shop assistant’s view.

  1. Shopping for specific items take less effort online

Some items are just no longer worth going to the store and physically purchasing them. It is just so much easier to get them online and have them delivered to your home or office. For example, everyday consumption items such as pens, paper, printer ink, etc can easily be ordered online regularly instead of wasting office resources and time going to get them yourself. It’s even easier when you know the type of paper or ink that your office needs so there won’t be any confusion or the need to go and match them at the store.

From one end of the spectrum to the other end, there are some items that are almost impossible to find in retail stores, or in which retail store to be exact. Such as if you are looking for a very rare book, it is much easier to search through the internet which store has the book in stock and purchase it from there, instead of going through a number of bookstores throughout the entire city and even facing the possibility of coming up empty handed.

Finally, some regions might be more suited to selling one particular type of product and the internet gives refuge to those who are in the wrong area. For example, if you are looking for a particular team’s jersey but are residing in that team’s biggest rival. Chances are if you go shopping for your favorite jersey, you might not return with all of your limbs intact!

  1. A wider reach

Having an online e-commerce store greatly enhances your reach. For local brick and mortar businesses they are relying on the sales of local residents only. An online store allows you to cast a wider net, reaching people internationally and increasing sales. Its the easiest way to reach and do business with people all over the world.

There are a thousand reasons why shops should have an ecommerce site. Do you think you have a great reason? Share them with the world in the comments section below!

Image by: Samantha Chapnick