10 Deal Sites for Ecommerce Merchants

Deal Sites for Ecommerce

Ecommerce merchants try their best to make their products work through their own websites however it is not always as easy and smooth. If products are not always moving and your stocks are backed up or just to get some more reach, ecommerce merchants should always consider posting their products on deal sites for ecommerce websites. Even though there are a few drawbacks to using deal websites, the biggest benefits are that it is a cheap advertisement option, it’s a good way to fill some sales during the low sale periods and sales are usually very quick so revenue comes in fast. And the best part is there is a good chance to turn fickle deal-seekers into long term loyal customers.

This article is dedicated by Wazala to give you the best bets on deal websites for ecommerce merchants to make the most out of their products. The list includes websites that specializes on daily deals, flash sales as well as sites that work with coupons so that customers get some good offers on discounts.

1. Groupon
Groupon is one of the best deal sites for local products worldwide while also providing deals on a number of different sectors such as: travelling, electronics, home furnishings, fashion, etc. This site is does a little bit more by offering a mobile app to customers so that they can access the great deals straight from their smartphones.

2. Scoutmob

If your product is unique – hand crafted or designed-to-order – and caters to a specific group of people, then this is the best deal site for you. With over one million users, this website also offers a mobile app that has a pop-up feature that displays the best deals.

3. 1Sale
This is another daily sale website which started off from humble beginnings as offering a sale on a single different item every day. Aside from the daily sales, they also have special sales in the electronics, home and fashion department. The special feature of this website is that the merchants can personally promote their products in the 1Sale community.

4. Woot

This is the innovator when it comes to the concept of daily deals. The site has special deal events every day on a number of different types of products such as sports goods, kids products and home items, to only name a few. Aside from their own special deals, retailers also have the option of putting up their own deals in a special section of the website and the members of the Woot community can also share products that they love and they thought was a good deal.

5. LivingSocial
This website is particularly tailored to feature offers and extreme discounts on products and services offered by local merchants only. However on the plus side the website operates for over three hundred cities all around the world and offers sales on about a hundred different product and service categories and almost twenty five thousand brands. The best thing about this website is the fact that merchants can see how well their products are performing through special metrics and view data about customers.

6. SweetJack
A deal site that is supported by the second largest radio station operator in America, SweetJack while offering daily deals on a whole load of different products such as local products as well as travel options, they also help merchants by featuring their posts both locally and throughout the country using their radio networks.

7. Dealfind
The greatest this website provides to ecommerce merchants is by offering their services not only through the major cities in North America but through Canada as well. Having their roots in Toronto, they offer special deals on local products as well as the many other usuals.

8. Zulily
This deal site is particularly focused for the family with daily offers on items ranging from clothing to children’s toys to home decorations. Their early bird offer starts from six a.m. and usually last for seventy two hours, though some to do only last for a day.

9. Gilt
Another fashion focused deal site, they offer the best discounts on designer label products that go as deep as sixty percent. Their sales range from fashion to home products to travel as well as local deals in thirteen different cities.

10. Fab
For ecommerce merchants looking to sell products that are visually appealing with intriguing design, Fab is the place where you want to be. A special group of design experts decide which products will come up on the daily sale, and their choices usually very highly thought. Fab features a number of unique products only available there as they sometimes acquire them directly from the designers.


If there is any other that you would like to add to this list, feel free to comment below.

Image by: Chris Potter