Search That Works

Search that works


Having an e-commerce solution for your business is the way of the future, but is your online search guiding your customers to make purchases or to your competitors? When customers are shopping on your online store they may or may not have an idea of what they want. It’s your job to optimize your website to guide customers to the sale and to suggest products to those who are “just looking.” Your successful execution of both of these things will increase sales and customer retention. Correctly labeling your products with descriptions and keywords will increase your search accuracy and item suggestions.

Imagine you are looking to buy a new television. You go to store A, that features friendly staff, clean well-lit sales floor, and a variety of products. You attempt to find the televisions and every time you ask a sales person where the television section is located you are bombarded with other product offers related to televisions. Eventually you might find the television selection or you may just walk out.

Now you go to store B that is exactly the same as store A in layout, products, and sales people. You approach a sales person in the computer department and ask where the televisions are located. She immediately directs you to the televisions and even tells you about a special sale they are having. You are not in store B for two minutes before you are looking at the exact product you want. Sale complete!

This scenario paints a picture of how the search bar and proper keywords play a very important role in online sales. If you are not properly tagging and describing your products your search bar will not bring customers where they want to be. You must give your customers what they want as fast as possible to capture the most sales. Customers will not scour your website looking for what they want. They will leave your store and go down the path of least resistance, which in this case is a competing online store. Take time to find the relevant keywords for you products. Spend extra time searching your own store using popular keywords and descriptions to find the most optimal solutions. This extra effort with make your customer’s shopping experience better overall and will help your bottom line. Good luck from Wazala and happy selling.