10 Ways To Get Traffic To Your New Online Store

New Online Store

You’ve launched a new online store. What’s the first goal you want to achieve? Boosting up traffic to your store, right? But how do you get more people to visit your online store? It’s a simple question but requires a lot of effort, time and sometimes a huge budget to get enough attention and to create sufficient buzz among your target customers. This is why Wazala has brought 10 proven and feasible ways to drive traffic to your new store. Here you go..

10 Proven Ways to Drive Traffic to Your New Online Store

1. Press

A proven way to get increased traffic to your store is to via press. You don’t necessarily have to get your business covered by the most popular or the biggest news sites or papers. You can actually get your work done through the local ones at a much better price. They provide a better chance of you getting featured especially when you are able to write an effective pitch, tell an interesting story or describe your product distinctively.

2. Instagram

If you think Instagram is just about posting selfies and what you’re about to eat right now, think again.  It is rapidly turning into one of the most effective marketing channels for almost any brand. In fact when you compare it with other popular social sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, it actually creates offers a larger engagement rate, based on a recent study. You can thus utilize Instagram to drive traffic to your online store easily.

A great way to get your products featured on Instagram is by researching popular hashtags and influencers using the tool WEBSTA. Finding influencers that may help you spread the word about your product is a very effective way of getting your product presented to a matching target audience. Think of it as a sponsored post by a highly followed Instagram account.

3. Youtube

Even Youtube can help you in your quest of driving more traffic to your new store. This video-sharing platform acts as a free traffic source with nearly infinite potential. However you cannot just make a random video and hope it to go viral. You need to make your videos optimized for SEO. For that, you can write long video descriptions, optimize video keywords, obtain more video views from online communities and encourage linking and subscribing.

The buzz right now is increasing on videos. Some marketers are stating it would be the #1 tool for 2015. Brands in many industries especially ecommerce are realizing how important video is to the consumer. Showcasing your product, its value and benefits in a video will help the customer in their buying decision.

4. Reddit

A popular social bookmarking website, Reddit, can help your business store get more traffic too. Not only does its main page contain the sum of the most popular content but the site also possesses thousands of niches known as subreddits on almost any topic. You can utilize these for your advantage. But it’s important to keep two things in mind: firstly, your posts should be catchy and concise with the focus on only the most important things about your store; secondly, you should read the rules of every subreddit before posting anything.

5. Facebook

This social networking site can do wonders when it comes to driving traffic to your online store. So when you’re busy sharing personal pictures, posts and updates on Facebook, do the same for promoting your store. Start with your family and friends. You can gain the initial momentum with their help. Don’t forget your extended family too. However don’t irritate them by forcing them to purchase your products or services. Instead offer them free or discounted products in return to sharing your store with their networks and recommending it to their peers. Advertising on Facebook is also a great way to introduce your store to a specific demographic on Facebook.

6. Twitter

How about some followers for your business even before you have launched your store? Yes Twitter can do that for you. Engage with people on this popular and useful social site a specific time before you open your store and attract them even before you cut the virtual ribbon. All you need to do is find relevant users using tools such as Followerwonk. You also should follow a disciplined tweeting approach and engage proactively with regular and relevant tweeters. Checkout our tips on selling on Twitter.

7. Blogs

We all know that your most powerful tool is your blog, but what’s better than your own blog? Influencers blogs! Reaching out to bloggers that are influencers in your industry in hopes of developing a mutual relationship will get you the exposure you need. You don’t always have to connect to them via a boring email, but entice with free product samples, or surprise them by publishing a blog post about them in hopes they return the favor.

8. Pinterest

Pinterest can also help you in getting desired traffic. The emotional attachment a potential has with an image of a product they want is far too great to be measured. Posting really attractive pictures, and linking to your online store for a quick buy now can do wonders to your conversions. Your Wazala online store also comes equipped with Pinterest rich pins to get you started.

9. Directories and Forums

Don’t forget to submit to every directory you can find in your niche too. First start out by searching for all the directories which are relevant to your online store and then submit your store as a listing. You might have to buy you way into some while others will be free. Your target should be to attain as many one way links as you can via these directories. But remember to create posts that people actually would read and find exciting.

10. SEO

Make sure that your products are search engine optimized. The name of your product as well as the description are probably the most important data to search engines like Google. This will help your organic traffic, one the most effective determinants of success for any online store. By using effective SEO strategies and keywords, you can make sure your store moves to the top of search engine rankings and gets clicked again and again.

Do you have more ideas to share? Have you tried something that worked for you? Please share with us all in the comments.