Wazala Analytics Is Here!

Ecommerce Analytics

We all need to know how well our business is doing to help us grow, but keeping up with all the data, spreadsheets and daunting math can be a major headache, so we’re happy to announce the release of the Wazala Analytics Dashboard!

The easy to navigate dashboard allows you to easily view metrics of your business like number of orders, average order total, average products per order and much more, all based on a specified time period.

Here are a few of the awesome number you’ll see:

analytics for ecommerce

Orders – Select a time period and see the number of total order made.
Products – This is the total number of products sold in a specific time.
Total $$ – Quickly see the total amount of payments received for a specific period.
Average Orders / Day – Quickly find out what the average number of orders per day.
Average Products / Order – Are you cross selling well? Track the average of products per order to find out.
Average Order Total – What is your average amount per order? Increasing this ever so slightly is a win.
Visits – Easily view the number of visits in a specific period so you can calculate your conversions.
Favorites – How many people favorited a product and shared it with friends? Well now you know..
Carts – View the number of carts in a specific period. Carts can mean full successful order or abandoned.

The best part of it all, you can export this data to a spreadsheet so you can do your own calculations or archive data for later use.

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