Jennifer Webb Photography – Selling Captured Moments

Selling Captured Moments

I always enjoy seeing life captured in its purest, candid form. Whether it be in a painting, photograph, or video the spontaneous, chaotic, and random moments of life are incredibly beautiful and precious. There is something honest about it that resonates with me because each moment in life is truly one-of-a-kind that can never be repeated.  

Jennifer Webb’s work speaks to my love of the moment and her photography captures that truth. Webb focuses on family portraits, children, and lifestyle photography. In her compositions she has the rare talent of not just capturing an image of someone, but she captures their personality in motion. Looking at her portfolio each image tells a story and gives one the impression that they are looking at a loved one, someone they have known for years even for just a moment. In Webb’s fine art collection she takes moments in time and frames them masterfully to accent their hidden beauty and design. A cup of coffee, condensation on a window pane, reflections in a pool are everyday occurrences that when captured through the eyes of Jennifer Webb become timeless works of art.

I spoke with Jennifer about her creative process and how she feels when capturing these moments. “If I were to be honest, most of the beautiful moments and scenes I capture with my camera happen without any direction or posing on my part.  The images that, as a person, I am most deeply connected with were merely me being in the right place at the right time with camera in hand.  I can be going about my day when all of a sudden the light is coming in the window at just the right angle, or the cream in my coffee swirls in just the right way.  I find it a privilege to take time to enjoy and partake in what life brings to my eyes and heart.  And, my hope is that people will be able to see this conveyed through my prints.  Art is such an invaluable way to add depth and inspiration to a home.  I am extremely grateful that Wazala has made it so easy for artists to connect with the public,” Jennifer Webb.

You can see more of Jennifer Webb’s works at and be sure to check out her photography store.