Dpulse Digital Selling Music Online With Vision

D-Pulse Digital is a perfect example of how the power of Wazala can be implemented across a larger business infrastructure to sell music online. Finally the vision I have for the software is shared by others in the music industry. D-Pulse has established an online marketplace of the music you know and expect from the D-Pulse brand all in one place. By having the entire catalog of the D-Pulse family using Wazala to sell online they capture more sales at the point of discovery on Facebook, artists webpages, and blogs.

D-Pulse was founded as a home to one artist and has grown by leaps and bounds. It now hosts hundreds of new talent and has a catalog of thousands of songs across all genres. On a personal note, they are home to one of my long time favorite electro-rock bands “Lords of Acid” which bring me back to the days of skipping study hall to skateboard with my friends. Good times. (Stay in school kids.)

With Wazala implemented on the D-Pulse website fans can access vinyls, cds, and mp3s of their favorite artists with the satisfaction of knowing that more money goes into their favorite artists pocket because the Wazala platform doesn’t charge a commission of sales like iTunes or Amazon. Check out D-Pulse by following the link. www.dpulsedigital.com