Belmont Lights – RAWards Musician of the Year

Belmont Lights RAWards
I will let you in on a little secret, I absolutely love music. It drives the pace of my life. I really can’t think of a time when I am without music. That being said I’m biased toward musicians so please don’t judge me if my post about RAWards music winner “Belmont Lights” gets special attention.

Belmont Lights is a four piece alt/rock/pop fusion band hailing from San Diego, CA that features stadium worthy anthems with a touch of indie charm. The four-piece blends subtle sounds masterfully and has a great dynamic songwriting style that takes you through a story of lyrics and melody. Having toured the West coast extensively, Belmont Light recently released their follow up album “Empyrean Kings” at the Troubadour in Los Angeles following their win at the RAWards.

Seeing Belmont Lights live was an amazing experience, especially since it seems that the art of playing a tight live set is fading fast into the darkness of autotune and DJ sets. Belmont Lights rhythm section was tight and their mix was perfect. Lead singer, Isaiah Blas was on his game and didn’t disappoint. To say the least, I would definitely recommend seeing them live, perfect for date night.

You can hear more Belmont Lights at Also be sure to get their single “Halfway” for free download. From everyone at Wazala we congratulate Belmont Lights on their win at the 2013 RAWards and wish them nothing but success and groupies. (classy groupies of course)