Get Started Selling With Twitter

selling with twitter

Now that Twitter Analytics is rolled out to all Twitter users, you can market your business on Twitter and track your engagements, click-throughs, and followers much better than before and without the need for third party analytics tools. But in order to get good results selling with Twitter, you should make sure you’re not missing out on opportunities.  Here are 15 helpful tips to get you started.

  1. Put in some love to your profile. Upload a cool avatar, be descriptive about what you sell, and link to your online store. The more professional and complete your profile it the more trustworthy you look.
  2. Create private lists of all your competitors and businesses you admire. Keep an eye out on what they do and say to learn from them.
  3. Set up a saved search for your brand name and keywords used in your industry. Check this daily and engage with potentials and always reply back to any mention of you.
  4. Follow people in your industry and retweet their meaningful and engaging tweets to your on followers. This places you as the advocate, and in return they may become your advocate.
  5. Tweet a product per day. Make sure you’re always announcing new products, specials and promotions. Using the Wazala social promoter engine will help you remember to get this done.
  6. Start using a tool like Hootsuite or Buffer to tweet throughout the day and don’t forget your international clients on different timezones.
  7. Ask questions that are easy to answer and your followers are interested in. Share your findings once you have them.
  8. Use pictures and videos that are entertaining, informative and relevant.
  9. Be personable. If you’re too rigid in your tweets no one will want to engage with you. Even though you’re a business you should speak their language and make them feel you understand them.
  10. Give advice. Others are looking to share and interact with people who are helpful.
  11. Keep it up and don’t loose momentum. The longer you continue the better the results.
  12. Give support. Be around to answer questions and customer concerns in a timely manner. Add Twitter to your smartphone and use it on the go to manage this.
  13. Add a Twitter link to your website, blog, email signature and other social profiles. Always promote your Twitter account on other channels.
  14. Learn about hashtags and only use them when needed.
  15. Don’t Spam! EVER!

Got any other tips on selling with Twitter that you feel are worthy to mention? We’d love to hear about them in the comments.