Twitter Analytics – What You Need To Know

twitter analyticsJust recently Twitter opened it’s door to all US based companies to start advertising on Twitter. Their previous advertising platform (active and targeting larger brands) had a 15K minimum expenditure to start and a Twitter analytics tool, but this new small business platform allows you to start with a limited daily budget that you can set and it’s auction based (just like Facebook advertising and AdWords) and get their Twitter Analytics without having to advertise!

So even if you’re not advertising yet, you can still view the performance of your tweets, in-depth data on your followers and what they are interested in, even website visits from Twitter and which tweets they came from. All great info you can utilize in making sure you’re reaching the right audience and engaging them with content they like to read. Let’s dive into this. 

Go to the official Twitter Analytics dashboard to get started.‎

Timeline Activity

Here you can see a summary of last month’s mentions, follows and unfollows in an easy to view chart that is responsive to hover to give you more details.

twitter analytics

Below it is a more detailed view of your tweets and the number of Favs, Retweets and Replies each of these tweets got. You can filter by Best, Good and All to easily see what worked for you. And they also added a click counter to show you the number of clicks each tweet received.


twitter analytics

Moving onto the Followers dashboard you will see in-depth insights on your follower growth since you signed up to Twitter. We hope they would allow a date range in future releases but for now this really does help you see where you did the best and be able to compare it to a promotion you ran.

twitter analytics

More info is given on the interests, location and gender of your followers below. We’re surprised to see that 23% of our followers like Reality TV, maybe we should start tweeting about The Bachelorette (or maybe not!) :)

twitter analytics

If you connect your website to Twitter via a copy and paste of a string of code. Twitter will start analyzing the traffic coming in from tweets to your website. We love this feature as it really shows us what worked! We love spikes like this one due to a newsworthy share!

twitter analytics


We hope to offer a extensive look at Twitter advertising in an upcoming blog post, but recommend you start analyzing your Twitter performance today so you’re aware of impact early on and get ready to invest in advertising on Twitter.

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