Tracking Your Ecommerce Business With Google Analytics™

“Feedback is the breakfast of champions.”
– Ken Blanchard

 If your have a large Wazala subscription, you can integrate Google Analytics with your Wazala Store. Google Analytics is an amazing tool. It gives you an insane amount of statistics, and allows you to see how each statistic relates to one another, like page views vs. conversions. This way, you can view the direct correlation between sales and an individual action, showing you whats working at what needs work. This kind of feedback is invaluable in perfecting your marketing strategy. To link up Google Analytics to your Wazala store, you must do the following.

1. Go to your Wazala store manager.

2. Click the store tab

3. Find the file for the Google Analytics ID

4. Place your Account ID into this field.

5. Done!

For more on this, as well as information on how to track goals and funnels within your Wazala store, click here. Happy Selling!