New Orders Are Now Simpler To Deal With!

Our team has been working on a new Order tab design, that not only allows you to sift through your orders with ease, but helps making your order fulfillment faster. It’s out, it’s colorful and we hope you like it as much as we do. Take a look…

The latest release of the Order Page allows you to clearly mark orders that require your attention with different statuses and colors. The hover-over preview allows you to take a quick look at the order without loading a new page, and of course, searching for a specific order is now even easier!

An added bonus we’re sure you would love to know about is the ability to print out an order receipt (with the order total) or a packing slip (with no mention of payment total). This is found in every order view page, click on Print to preview and proceed.

And last, for those orders you wish to remove from your daily view, a newly added Archive status allows you to store this order away and come back to it at anytime if you need to.

Hope these features improve your fulfillment of orders! And stay tuned for a lot more to come!