My Product Rocks

Show us what you would sell with Wazala for a chance to win a FREE Wazala large account.

Last month’s promo was a big hit. Our winner Shawn Hesketh owner of the Wazala store and the design studio Left Lane, won the Wazala large account, and gifted it to his sister Tiffany who is now building another Wazala store. Happy to see this entrepreneurial family grow with Wazala, we are doing it again!

This time, it’s about what you want to sell. Show us what you would sell with Wazala for a chance to win a Wazala large account free for an entire year! Use it yourself or Gift it to a friend!

Upload a picture, video, link of a product you feel will sell well, to our Facebook wall. Give it an attractive name and explain why you feel it rocks, and would sell well. then share this posts to your friends and family to like, comment and vote.

What kind of product, you ask? Well we want to see what creative product you would sell online using Wazala. From music or a digital download, handmade handcrafts, photos, works of art, it really can be anything you feel will sell well. Be creative and sure it clearly showcases what you would sell in an attractive way. Remember the public is voting, so your product should be appealing to buyers!

Can’t think of anything to sell? Why not share this with someone who might? This contest is open to anyone and everyone with a product they wish to sell online!

Entry process:
Simply visit our Facebook page and post the product to our Wall. It can be a picture, video or link to somewhere, where it is available. Make sure you state what it is, if need be.
Once you do that, share this with your friends on Facebook, to like it, comment on it positively, and voice out that you should win. (use the Share button, below the post you created)

You can upload as many pictures as you wish to increase your chances of winning. The Wazala team will choose one lucky winner, taking into consideration any comments and “likes” your picture gets from others in the community, so make sure to spread the word about your picture(s). This promotion will run for a few weeks and the winner will be announced on Facebook, Twitter and our website. Anyone can join. Whether you have a Wazala store, or still thinking of starting an online business you can enter to win. The prize is granted as a new Wazala subscription, and is transferable “once” to a person of your choice. Yes you can enter to win and give it away as a gift!
Happy Winning Everyone!