Interview – The Taylor’s Gift Foundation

Are you an organ donor? 90% of Americans say they would donate an organ, but a few really do. In an effort to raise awareness, The Taylor’s Storch Foundation helps you ReGift Life.

The story of Taylor Storch caught our hearts and more importantly the positive empowerment that her Foundation creates! We got in touch with Todd Storch, Taylor’s father and one of the founders of Taylor’s Gift and we wanted you to hear their story..

Tell us about Taylor’s Gift and what it is you do?
Taylor’s Gift Foundation’s purpose and mission is increasing organ donation to regift life, renew health and restore families. We work every day to accomplish a number of items:  Increase each state’s official organ donation registration database.
Be a resource to those that need information about organ donation.
Help support and bring help to those that are waiting to receive a donation.
And soon to provide resources to those families that have lost a child suddenly.

How easy is it to become a donor?
Easier and quicker than typing most emails! In almost every state in the USA, you can become a donor. If you spend 90 seconds at and click “Become a Donor”, you can register with your state’s official registry.

What programs or opportunities do you offer for others that want to get involved?
Our Foundation is built on amazing volunteers that support us in a number of ways. We have opportunities and need that stretch from computer work to developing and running specific programs.  Anyone can learn more and reach us at

How does the sales of your online store help in expanding your mission?
We have a number of items available on our online store. The dollars we raise helps us with our Mission, develop programs and keep our Foundation running.  Thank you Wazala for making this easy!

Any upcoming events that you wish to spread the word about?
We have a number of upcoming events from golf and sporting clay tournaments, to speaking engagements and fundraising events. Check out for everything upcoming! A number of our events are in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area as well as the New York City area. We also have a number of people that help our Mission with Grassroots events across the country. Please contact us at for more information.

We urge you all to visit the Taylor’s Gift website – – and get involved, become a donor or simply support this cause with a purchase from their online store.