What Do You Look For In An Online Store?

A clever, imagination, humorous request can open closed doors and closed minds.
– Percy Ross

The last few months have been great! Our community has grown well above our expectations, and our path with Wazala development, released great new features, and management tools that make your Wazala experience better. We’re humbled with kind words, feedback and comments. Mostly we find ourself being asked what’s next?

Many of you are hoping to see specific features added to Wazala. Others simply wanted in on our next big thing. And although we probably will not share our roadmap publicly, we do want your opinion…

What do you wish to see developed within Wazala?
What can we do better?
And what are your business specific needs?

We wish you would take a moment and checkout our feature request forum. You will find others that are voicing their own needs. You can add to the conversation, vote on what you feel would help you out, and stay in the loop on what’s planned by our development team. It’s where we listen to your needs. Go on and chime in!