It’s Your Online Store – So You Store!

Information imposes certain criteria on how it can be stored.
– John M. Smith

In an effort to make Wazala even more user friendly for the sale of digital products, we released the ability to host your files on you own servers. Many businesses out there are selling large digital files, that require a good amount of space to store. Wazala comes with 100MB dedicated to the digital download files, and you can buy more space as you need it. And now you can also host files on your own servers free of charge.

Digital artists, photographers, musicians, and authors of ebooks are drawn to Wazala for digital sales. The effortless set up and integration makes it a perfect tool to sell digital goods online, and now it simply got better and cheaper. Wazala will pull your files from your own server when an order is made and delivers it to you customer automatically. And best of all the ability to limit the number of downloads and link expiration is also included. No need to pay more for digital space, and no need to worry about secure delivery. It’s our way of saying “You earned it”!