Vendr is now Wazala!

“What a heavy burden is a name that has become too famous.”
— Voltaire

Starting today, your favorite online store has a new name — Wazala!  We’re still the same people, offering the same great product, we just now have a new moniker and logo.  Please read carefully the “important steps you need to take” and some answers to questions you may have:

How will this affect me?
Wazala will continue to operate the same and we’ll continue to make it better based on your feedback. The name change has already happened and your store will not act any differently, but if you do notice anything out of the ordinary please let us know and make sure to take the following steps.

Important Steps to take
For the next few weeks all links and integration codes will continue to work under the Vendr name, but we can’t support this for long so we encourage you to do the following:

Step 1
: Change any links to your store URL that you may have on your website or blog from to

Step 2
: If you have integrated the widget code into to your website, you will need to replace the it with the new Wazala code. This is found in the “Get Widget” tab within your Store Manager.

What if I need help?
 Just drop us a line at and someone will be in touch with you.