The Digital Merchant

“The digital revolution is far more significant than the invention of writing or even of printing.”
— Douglas Engelbart

Developed to facilitate the sale of those with unique offerings, it is only common sense for Wazala to support the world of digital trade. Commodities have evolved into the intangible; selling digital assets such as photographs, ebooks and software is a vast and lucrative business for many.

Because it allows for various options within a product, Wazala makes it easy to sell multiple forms of a single file. A photographer, for example, can sell a low, medium or high resolution of a picture, not to mention the capacity to scale it into different sizes, file extensions and any other possibilities. And he can offer each option at a separate price.

And while the commerce of digital products is hard to control, with many people out there taking advantage of download links, Wazala has the ability to limit the number of downloads for each purchase as well as set the amount of time the download is available after payment. After all, even though they are not physical products, there is still a value to these digital files.

The ability to sell both physical and digital products within the same store is a nice bonus feature we have built into Wazala. Being able to offer a musician’s track for download as well as the original vintage LP makes Wazala a full offering online store solution. Checkout this sample blog that is set up with fonts/typefaces for sale, our music store where you can sample music and “mock” purchase an album or our photography store where you can buy a photo. You can even go through the checkout process and experience the purchase the way your customer would — just make sure you use your real email address on checkout so we can deliver your purchase to you.

Go artists! Go writers! Go web 2.0! Go Wazala!