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The Ultimate Facebook Sellers Guide

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Your in-depth, tell all, step-by-step, full of tricks tutorial on Facebook pages. Start by creating a page, customize tabs, and make it match your brand. Add the powerful social commerce store Wazala, promote your page and products, sell within Facebook and much more!

How to Promote Your fCommerce Business

Spread news and engage them
It's easy to post everyday, but what you post to your Facebook page is more important. Know what your customer likes to hear about and offer them news and tips that are helpful to them. Ask questions, grab their attention, and keep them wanting more.
Offer special promos and discounts
Offering discounts that are Facebook specific gives an exclusivity feel. Entice them to buy using coupon codes that are "fan specials" and track your sales to measure how well each campaign is doing. Sweepstakes and competitions are great for Facebook too.
Answer questions and don't ignore
Negative comments can be scary, but addressing them can help elevate their perception on customer care. Answer any posts as quickly as possible, and keep a positive and helpful attitude. Remember these conversations are public, and people are listening.
Start your online store in 15 minutes flat
Add a shopping cart to your website and Facebook in 15 minutes and start selling online today. Sell on your blog shopping cart, your website online store or facebook page ecommerce shop.