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You love Wazala.. You believe in it and will spread the word because you're sure of it's capabilities and how it does it perfectly! And while you promote Wazala we are here to make sure you get compensated in return. We built our affiliate program for the purpose of mutual benefits. An honest, open and clear program that facilitates the promotion of Wazala to your audience. We trust you will indulge in the best practices that prove successful and in return we hope you trust we fulfill and hopefully exceed your expectations.

In short Wazala is a dead simple, easy, shopping cart software that allows you to add an online store to any website, blog or social profile. Wazala takes 15 minutes to set up (yes that's true!) and NO you do not need to have any coding knowledge to do it. Built as a DIY with simplicity as it's main goal, yet feature packed with all the needed tools and services to run a fully functional store.

Available in 15 languages and 24 currencies, Wazala allows you to sell to global markets and is not limited to the United States. With additions, like Facebook support to sell on Facebook, social media integration to spread news about each product, Google Analytics integration and a multitude of advanced coding for the non faint of hearts Wazala kicks e-commerce softwares out there off the cart!

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