Wazala Affiliate Referral Agreement

Last revised October 4, 2010

Make Unlimited Income By Referring People To Wazala

Every client that you refer can earn you cash. There is no cap on earnings, or the number of subscribers you may enroll. So get started now!

How Do You Get Started?

From the side bar click on signup, enter you full name, email address, paypal email address (we pay through paypal), and choose a password. Once you are signed in you can go to "Get Links" and get the links or banners you need to distribute to your friends and business associates to refer them to Wazala. Copy and paste that link onto your web page or into an email you can send to your friends, then sit back and watch the cash roll in. You can also use one of our pre-made banners by clicking the "Get Banners" link under each campaign.

Tracking Of Referrals

The unique affiliate link is a tracking device that ensures you get the credit when someone signs up using your link. Each sign up is tracked in real time and you can view referral reports from your "Referrals" page. Your referrals do not need to subscribe to a paid service immediately for you to receive payment. In fact, your referrals may be free users for a long time. However, the moment they pay for a subscription, you become eligible to receive credit. You will earn the second month subscription payment for any customer you refer to Wazala, so the customer has to remain a paying subscriber for 60 days minimum for us to credit your account.

How Do I Keep Track Of My Prospects?

With your dedicated online referral tracking system you will always know where you stand. Just login to your affiliate dashboard and select "Referrals". There you will see everyone who has signed up using your unique affiliate link, the date they signed up, the date they started paying, and how much you have earned for the referral or how much longer before you are credited for the referral. You can also see your total payout so far and pending payment based on recent referrals.

The Terms Are Easy To Use And Easy To Understand

  • You must adhere strictly to our Terms of Service (TOS) Agreement and Anti-Spamming Policies.
  • Payouts made monthly providing your affiliate account is active and in good standing.
  • Referrals must have cookies enabled. Your Affiliate ID cookies expire after 60 days. What this means is that anyone who clicks your referral link must subscribe within 60 days. They DO NOT need to upgrade to paid service within 60 days for you to a receive payment.
  • Affiliates cannot earn credit for signing up themselves and if they do all their referrals will be void. Wazala uses several means to track this so be sure to comply.
  • If you are interested in becoming an Affiliate, Click here to Signup Now.

Important Notes

The Wazala Affiliate Program is intended for use by Wazala users to refer individuals with whom they have a known relationship. Wazala does not condone spamming and any complaints received due to misuse of this program may result in the forfeit of any credits accrued by you.

Wazala will issue a payment to an affiliate only after a minimum of $100 USD is due. In other words, an affiliate must make enough referrals to earn at least $100 USD before a payment will be sent. If the minimum is not met in time for the payment cycle, the affiliate will not be sent a payment until the next monthly billing cycle in which the $100 USD minimum has been reached.

By referring individuals you agree to the following conditions: payments are made on referral income earned after the referral period is complete. For example, if you refer a monthly subscription of $19.95, you will earn $19.95 after approximately 60 days (enough time that the subscriber has made 2 consecutive monthly payments or one yearly payment). Payments are only made for the first year of income referred to Wazala. The same rules apply to annual subscriptions. Cancellations by the person referred that occur earlier than 60 days, will result in loss of any associated referral income owed to you. Affiliate offers apply to new customers only. Affiliates will earn second monthly payment of what wazala earns. Should the referral apply a discount code when subscribing or upgrading, referrals will be based on the discounted rate paid to Wazala. With each link, email or marketing advertisements that you display on Wazala's behalf, you expressly agree to abide by the Affiliate Terms of Service which are in full force and effect at that date and time.

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