Getting Started Guide

We aim to be simple, easy and functional


Create Your Own Online Store Now

Creating a Wazala online store is simple and takes only a few minutes, once the store is created you can add products, product options and variations, pictures and images, shipping options and digital downloads. You will be able to add your Wazala online store to your website, blog and Facebook page! You also get your own URL, your own Wazala Touch mobile commerce store and optionally you can have your own domain name.


Post Your Online Store Everywhere

Your Wazala online store has a very cool viral feature and that is in addition to having your own Wazala online store web page, you can connect your Wazala store into all your existing websites, blogs, and social profiles you own, making Wazala the most connected online store on the web. Add to a Facebook page or seamlessly integrate within your platform, all while managing your store within one backend.


Promote Your Online Store

Once you have created your online store and your ready to launch your online presence in the world of ecommerce, your next step is to promote your online store. This is not a one time activity. You need to make the marketing and promotion of your online store a part of your business DNA. Here we offer you some ideas with proven tools that will help you increase your online sales.