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Thursday, September 9th, 2010
Wazala Online Store Is Now Ready For "Social Ecommerce" With Facebook Profiles And Pages Integration

Wazala introduces the Wazala online store application in Facebook allowing users to enter the social ecommerce arena. Wazala, ( the online store application built for bloggers and tastemakers, released the Wazala Facebook Application allowing users to add their online store to their Facebook page or profile and sell on the social network. The new application enables Wazala users to easily enter the social ecommerce arena allowing users to spread the word through the largest sharing platform, Facebook.

Wazala adds an elegant store to any website or blog. An easy to integrate application that requires no coding knowledge can simply be plugged into any site or blog. The basic use of Wazala pops over the site as an overlay while advanced functions allows it to become a part of any site. The clean and pure looking store does not overcrowd the site and there is no brand deflation. Purchases are made within the site and customers are not directed elsewhere to buy, allowing for a complete shopping experience within a site.

Now, the elegant and clean looking store that is added to any Facebook profile or page, allows for maximum exposure within the social world. Each product is listed with a share button for easy sharing within Facebook friends. A quick click to buy and the visitor is directed towards the complete Wazala store experience where they can browse, mark favorites, share them, tweet them as well as purchase through the widely used shopping cart solutions PayPal and Google Checkout.

Wazala is feature packed with multiple language and currency support, inventory tracking and fulfillment assistance for both digital and physical goods. Coupon codes, analytics tracking and statistics come with paid subscriptions, while starting with a free subscription for 5 products make it easy for anyone to become an entrepreneur.

The product Wazala is developed by Boxador ( an internet software incubation and development team located in Los Angeles, California.

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