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Tuesday, July 27th, 2010
Wazala the Online Store Solution for Bloggers and Tastemakers is in Open Beta and 15 Languages

Boxador introduces Wazala the online app for online stores

Los Angeles CA, July 27th 2010 -- Wazala ( the website application for building an online store WITHIN your own website or blog was released today in 15 languages and is in open beta.

Wazala is a website overlay application that allows you to build an online store and add it to your own website or blog in 15 minutes flat! After setting up your products through an intuitive control panel, you simply paste a few lines of code into your website or blog template and your store is up and running. There is no need for coding knowledge. Others have claimed to provide easy e-commerce solutions, but this is truly the utmost in simplicity!

The most basic use of Wazala will add a "store" button that, when clicked dims the website and lights up the shopping experience in a web overlay. The overlay is a clean-looking store which is compatible with any existing site design. Advanced functions allow you to customize your own button to match your website design, or even embed the entire store within a page on your site. As a store owner, you can customize Wazala and truly make it your own.

Wazala's success in closed beta spread past the United States, which inspired the developers' to localize it into 15 languages. This allows the store owners to set up shop in multiple languages and leave the decision to their customers to choose which language to browse and purchase in. In Addition, Wazala supports 23 currencies and accepts payments with Paypal, and Google Checkout accounts. "Wazala's popularity spread around the globe during the closed beta period and we received many requests to support languages and currencies from Europe and Asia. We saw the need and it was only natural for us to make this move and supply our target audience with a multi national tool." said Mr. Firas Bushnaq, Co-Founder and CEO of Boxador.

Over the past few years, bloggers and "tastemakers" have been developing their brands on their own websites or blogs. Wazala allows the owners of these personal brands to take advantage of their existing online presence and integrate a store in multiple languages right into their own website without adding the clutter or brand deflation that usually accompanies existing e-commerce tools. Wazala is clean, simple and pure, and will not overcrowd their personal brand or lead visitors away from where the core message is -- on their website or blog.

Wazala allows store owners to sell both physical and digital goods. Musicians, photographers, writers and artists will benefit greatly from Wazala's ability to sell digital products. Setting download limitations, multiple file options with multiple prices, and categories are just a few options built for these web professionals. Developed as well for small to medium businesses, Wazala is great for those looking to enter the e-commerce world, or just fed up of using third party platforms that direct customers elsewhere, not to mention the lack of support, integration and features offered.

Even though it has been built with simplicity as its main goal, Wazala still manages to cover all the features needed to transform any site into a fully-functional online store front with multiple pictures per product, categories and product options. Its extensive backend dashboard allows you to be in control of your store in real time. Inventory tracking and alerts on low merchandise makes it easy to manage all of your orders within the Wazala dashboard, but Wazala also allows volume sellers to export orders to most fulfillment applications for better processing in total becoming the ultimate international e-commerce tool on the market today.

Wazala is brought to you by Boxador ( an internet software incubation and development team located in Los Angeles, California that strives to fuse minimal design with rich utility and content value.

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