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Create your shop on your own blog or website
Wazala adds an online shop to your website, blog and Facebook page. Stop directing your visitors elsewhere to make a purchase and allow your visitors to experience a true shopping experience on your own site!
Get your online shop running in 15 minutes flat
No coding knowledge, no complicated instructions just a simple copy and paste into your site and voilà! Your online shop is set up on your site. Whether it is a blog platform or your own CMS, it's real simple to add Wazala.
Sell both physical & digital goods within one shop
Sell shippable goods or digital products within one shop. Add product variations and prices for each and allow Wazala to securely process your transactions and even deliver your digital goods automatically.

Music Store Demo indie artist store with digital downloads created with Wazala Online Store and Shopping Cart
Photography Store Demo stock photography & digital downloads created with Wazala Online Shopping Cart
Gifts and Toys Store Demo online shop created with Wazala Online Store and Shopping Cart software
Start your online store in 15 minutes flat
Add an online shop to your website in 15 minutes and start selling online today. Sell online, on your blog shopping cart, your website online store or facebook page ecommerce shop.