Pinterest Rich Pins

Pinterest Rich Pins

Wazala believes in order to succeed at selling online, you need to sell everywhere your customers find you! This means having a presence and the ability to buy everywhere your customers hang out! Pinterest is a growing platform that is highly linked to ecommerce conversion, and their expanding functionalities for businesses makes it a great platform to reach your audience. They recently introduced Pinterest Rich Pins, similar to the regular Pinterest pins, these richer pins include more information about the item your pinning like price and availability, so your products can be shared by others on their platform with real time information on where you can buy it from and how for how much. Awesome right?! 

As you can see in the image below from CMUK, the pin includes a link directly to their store to buy it, and it includes the price. You can also visit the rich pin here.

 Pinterest Rich Pins


Why should you use Pinterest and rich pins?

With over 25 million users, Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social networks that focuses on finding new and interesting products, ideas and inspirations. Studies show that users are mostly female and ready to buy, with an average expenditure of $170 per session. Yes these are real people on Pinterest shopping for things they need and want.  This even has it’s own name now p-commerce or Pinterest-commerce, so if you’re not already utilizing Pinterest in your social marketing you definitely should.

How can you get rich pins? 

Pinterest currently has to pre-approve every domain name. We worked hard with Pinterest to make sure your store is approved. You do not have to do anything :) When anyone pins any product photo form your Wazala store, it will automatically pin it with rich information. 

 Happy Pinning!

We got the cool picture from BigStock. Get yours here