Marketing Your Ecommerce Business With LinkedIn

LinkedIn Ecommerce

You probably already know LinkedIn as a social network for the business community. But did you know that you can use LinkedIn to increase your ecommerce sales? Here are a few tips on how to utilize this very useful networking tool.

Get Your Brand on LinkedIn
Similar to Facebook, LinkedIn allows you to create a company page in addition to your personal profile. Sign up your company, and make sure to add a nice brand picture for people to remember it by. Doing this can help your SEO rankings, as you have established a brand presence on another major social network. Also, you can reach out to your customers and have them write you recommendations, which can serve to raise your brand’s profile.

Because LinkedIn is all about business, it allows you the unique opportunity to share content directly with you customers and colleagues. Make sure that the content you share is of use to the people you share it with, as well as relevant to your business, and you will gradually see people starting to depend on you as a source of information.

Drop Some Knowledge
If you have some expertise in your field, you have the chance to share it in LinkedIn’s answer section. This can raise increase your reputation on the site, just as the content you share.

Update Your Status
This is exactly the same as Facebook. LinkedIn has a status update bar, and you should use it to let people know about your products and promotions. Get the word out!

Are you using LinkedIn? Tell us how and what you feel works best in the comments below.